AnakreoN is a team that does not work full-time and so far, no distribution company is backing us. The "hard core" consists of a small group of people from Brno (The Czech Republic) fortified by external co-operators who communicate with us via the internet. Most permanent members are university level students focusing on information technologies, the rest works full time in informatics as employees of business organizations.

Should anybody be interested in participating in any way in our present or future project(s), be it in programming, creation of graphics or game levels, beta testing or composing music, they are welcome.

If you are interested, contact us on the electronic address

Our team is at the moment composed of 7 permanent members:
Programmers Designer Graphic designers Musician
Martin Stránský Luboš Doležal Pavel Šimeček Martin Linda
Michal Šimoník Ondřej Souček Martin Vala
And to Berusky 1 contributed:
Programmers Designer Graphic designers Musician
Milan Crha Jan Halfar
Vaclav Hlobil

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