Welcome to the pages of the AnakreoN team.

We are a free association of people engaged in developing computer games for the PC platform. At present, we already have two successfully accomplished projects to our credit.

The freeware game Berusky (Ladybirds) that has, against all assumptions, won the hearts of many Czech gamers and the coveted recognition by gamer magazines, is our first fruit in the games domain.

The success of the game was so surprising for us that we were ready, after some time, to start working on a second part, Berusky II (Bugs Escape 3D). We tried to conceive its contents with a higher dose of professionalism laying stress on contemporary technical innovations now showing up in the games industry area, of course, with respect to the highest possible degree of game play and entertainment.

Whether or not we were successful is up to you to judge in the prepared playable demo.

Brief overview of events and innovations:

September 2011

New Berusky2 release (0.5) for Linux is available, get it at Berusky2 project page. Fixes game configuration and 64-bit builds. .

August 2011

New Berusky2 release (0.3) for Linux is available (includes rpm packages too). Get it at Berusky2 project page. It brings game menu, player profiles, game tutorial and other goodies :) .

Jun 2011

Released first Berusky2 (0.1) for Linux. Get it at Berusky2 project page. .

March 2011

Released Berusky 1.3 which fixes broken ini file on Windows. Get it at Berusky project page. .

March 2011

We started a new project - open source version of Berusky2, target systems are Linux and Windows. Any help is welcome!

March 2011

Released Berusky for Windows and a Linux 1.2 bugfix version. Sources were uploaded at GitHub .

April 2007

Berusky II (Bugs Escape 3D) is going to be released in the USA and Canada by Medirian4 (http://www.meridian4.com/games/BugsEscape).

April 2007

Lauched English version of these pages and released English version of Berusky for Linux.

June 2004 - Berusky II is published in the Czech Republic by Cinemax s.r.o. and distributed by ATComputers, a. s., (http://www.atcomp.cz).

Berusky II (a.k.a. Bugs Escape 3D in English) got many great reviews in Czech gamers magazines: Gamestar - 84%, GameZone - 77%, Doupe - 85%, Gamespot - 75%, Tiscali.games - 73%, Level - 75%.

The game was published in ex-USSR and Poland and now is going to be released in the USA and Canada. You can find more info on the publishers' site - http://www.cinemax.cz/bugs

March 2004

Berusky II enter the beta version stage.

June 2002

The development of Berusky II swings into a stage in which we begin adding sound to the game. Therefore we have decided to provide a sample of the music that will accompany you through our new game. We cannot help boasting that the music for us has been composed by Martin Linda, one of the best composers of the Czech games scene, who also composed a part of Berusky music. What will it be like, then? You can judge for yourselves here.
December 2000 After a longish creative break, we co-opt several new members and the concept of the Berusky II game is beginning to take a shape.
November 1999 Berusky is officially published on Czech internet in cooperation with the Bonusweb online game magazine; later also on some CD annexes of printed magazines (e.g. Level and Chip).
October 1999 The final release of Berusky is born. The game will be distributed as a Free Software.
July 1999 Berusky enters the beta version stage.
March 1998 The playable demo of Berusky is released.
September 1997 Anakreon is established, the decision to develop the logical game Berusky (Ladybirds) is taken.

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