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About us

AnakreoN is a team that does not work full-time. The "hard core" consists of a small group of people from Brno (The Czech Republic) fortified by external co-operators who communicate with us via the internet. Most of us works full time in informatics as employees of business organizations. We are engaged in developing computer games for the PC platform. At present, we already have two successfully accomplished projects to our credit.

The freeware game Berusky (Ladybirds) that has, against all assumptions, won the hearts of many Czech gamers and the coveted recognition by gamer magazines, is our first fruit in the games domain.

The success of the game was so surprising for us that we were ready, after some time, to start working on a second part, Berusky II (Bugs Escape 3D). We tried to conceive its contents with a higher dose of professionalism laying stress on contemporary technical innovations now showing up in the games industry area, of course, with respect to the highest possible degree of game play and entertainment. Whether or not we were successful is up to you, all your games are open sourced now.

Should anybody be interested in participating in any way in our present or future project(s), be it in programming, creation of graphics or game levels, beta testing or composing music, they are welcome.

If you are interested, contact us at

Team members (alphabetically)

Jakub Šimeček - 3D graphics (first tree scenes), game menu, comics (Berusky II)
Jan Halfar - Pixel graphics (Berusky I)
Luboš Doležal - Game design (Berusky I & II)
Roman Bednařík - Music (Berusky I)
Martin Linda - Sound & Music (Berusky I & II)
Martin Stránský - Coordination, Code (Berusky I), 3D engine (Berusky II)
Martin Vala - A underwater scene (Berusky II)
Michal Šimoník - Code - Game logic (Berusky II)
Milan Crha - Code (Berusky I for Windows)
Ondřej Souček - Game design (Berusky II)
Pavel Hruboš - Bugs animations (Berusky II)
Petr Stefek - A sewer scene (Berusky II)
Vaclav Hlobil - Game menu, artworks (Berusky I)